Tamalpa Experience with Lian Wilson 24th & 25th September 2016

Tamalpa Class UK

Tamalpa Experience – with Lian Wilson. This 2-day intensive workshop is designed to give participants an experiential understanding of our work in movement-based expressive arts as well as provide an opportunity to relax and recharge physically, emotionally and mentally. The Tamalpa Experience: introduces an approach that enlivens dialogues between body and imagination, life experiences and…

Full body MOT – Movement Based Expressive Arts Workshop

Tamalpa - Public Workshops

Special free workshop for London Creativity and Wellbeing Week! There is an essential connection between creativity and life that can facilitate greater wellbeing and self-development. In the Tamalpa Life Art Process we are interested in a new aesthetic that reflects the here and now reality of peoples’ authentic life experiences, rather than a beauty based…

Tamalpa Summer Workshop 22nd – 24th July 2016

Tamalpa UK

This three day workshop offers the opportunity to drop into the powerful intelligence of the body, to play and express with imagination through the arts, to create personal dances that have meaning, and to bring new vision to the life themes that matter to us in our daily lives. In each one of us lives…

Next Level 1 training programme starts April 2017

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The next Level 1 Personal Embodiment training starts April 2017 at the Chichester Memorial Hall in Sandgate, Kent. Application process now open. Further information on training programme, monthly payment plans and registration please contact: info@tamalpa-uk.org Tel: 01303 488 538 or click here.

Tamalpa News & Events
Tamalpa News & Events Page

What is Tamalpa Life Art?

Our Environment

Welcome to Tamalpa UK

Tamalpa UK is one of five international “Tamalpa branches” invited by the Tamalpa Institute in California to
teach the Level 1 Tamalpa Personal Embodiment training programme. Tamalpa UK is a community interest company launched by Lian Wilson in 2012 in Folkestone’s Creative Quarter, Kent. The other four branches to launch are in South Korea, Germany, France and Latin America.

What is the Tamalpa Life Art Process?

The Tamalpa Life Art Process is an internationally-recognized expressive arts approach developed at the Tamalpa Institute in California by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin, it combines movement, dance, visual art, and creative writing to access the innate wisdom of the body and the transformative power of the imagination. The Tamalpa work supports personal, interpersonal and social change, teaching new models of health, education, psychology and art.