Level 2 Reading List

A resource library containing books, articles, periodicals, videos, papers and dissertations on the topic of expressive arts and related fields is available to students throughout the year during class time. Students are encouraged to borrow these materials to complement their education.

L2 – Leadership Training

A Partial List of Required and Recommended Readings

Brown, Molly. The Unfolding Self: Psychosynthesis and Counseling.

Chodorow, Joan. Jung on Active Imagination.

Corsini, Raymond. Current Psychotherapies. (General introduction to schools of psychology and psychotherapy.)

Feldenkrais, Moshe. Awareness Through Movement. (Potent Self is also highly recommended)

Halprin, Daria. The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy.

Hillman, J. Blue Fire.

Hoffman, G.S. Ideokinesis. (Available through Soto or the Tamalpa office.)

Knill, Paolo. Minstrels of the Soul.

Knill Paolo, Levine, Steven & Ellen. Principles and Practices in Expressive Arts Therapy, Toward a Therapeutic Aesthetic

Levine, Steve & Ellen (chapter by Daria Halprin). Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy.

Levine, Steven. Poeisis: The Language of Psychology and the Speech of the Soul (Philosophical Thinking on Expressive Arts Therapy.)

Levy, Fran. Movement/Dance Therapy as a Healing Art.

Pallaro, Patrizia. (Ed.) Authentic Movement: Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow

Perls, Fritz. The Gestalt Approach and Eye Witness to Therapy.

L2 – Leadership Training

Some of the Recommended Readings


Arnheim, Rudolf. The Psychology of Art.
Assagioli, Roberto. Psychosynthesis.
Campbell, Joseph. The Power of Myth.
Halprin, Anna. Moving Toward Life: Five Decades of Transformative Dance.
Halprin, Lawrence. The RSVP Cycles.
Hanna, Thomas. Somatics.
Heckler, Richard. The Anatomy of Change.
Johanson, Greg and Kurtz, Ron. Grace Unfolding.
Jung, C.J. Man and His Symbols.
Kepner, James. Body Process.
Krippner, Stanley. Personal Mythology: The Psychology of Your Evolving Self.
Kurtz, Ron. Body Centered Psychotherapy/The Hakomi Method ** (New school integrating Gestalt, somatics and spiritual principles; useful, practical articulation of theory which you might find similar to our school.)
Lowen, Alexander. Bioenergetics.
Maslow, Abraham. Toward a Psychology of Being (Leader in the development of Humanistic Psychology. A classic.)
May, Rollo. The Courage to Create.
May, Rollo and Schneider, Kirk. The Psychology of Existence (An integrative clinical perspective with philosophical overviews.)
McNiff, Shaun. Art as Medicine.
Mertz, A. (ed.) The Body Can Speak: Essays on Creative Movement Education. (With articles by G.H. Soto and J. Nisenbaum, of Tamalpa Institute.)
Miller, Alice. The Drama of the Gifted Child.
Mindell, Arnold. Dream Body.
Moreno, J.L. The Theatre of Spontaneity.
Nachmanovich, Stephen. Free Play.
Nathan, A. and Mirviss, S. Therapy Techniques: Using the Creative Arts.
Collected Writings of Wilhelm Reich.
Poyner Helen, Libby Worth. Anna Halprin – Performance Practitioners
Wiener, D. Beyond Talk Therapy: Using Movement and Expressive Techniques in Clinical Practice.