Tamalpa - L2 Training

Level 2 Training: Embodied Leadership (California only)

The Level 2 Training Program focuses on advanced personal practice and the development of professional applications of the Tamalpa Work that assists participants in career options in several fields of practice, including: expressive arts therapy, education, consultation, health care and the arts.

The Level 2 Training Program includes the following:

1. Seminar Series: These Seminars are designed to provide an advanced class setting in which students work with faculty at the mastery level to deepen their personal embodiment of the work, and their theoretical and practical understanding of the Tamalpa Work. Within this framework, students are encouraged to further develop their own gifts, style and special interests in order to take the work out into the world.

2. Student Lab Time: These sessions are led by the Level 2 group and Tamalpa training faculty. They provide an opportunity for students to share their process, practice their teaching skills and receive feedback from each other.

3. Apprenticeship: These are rich learning experiences where students observe and assist Tamalpa-trained practitioners teaching and using the work in professional settings.

4. Community Work: Students are required to practice the work in Internships and/or Public Presentations. Internship gives students a hands-on experience in applying the Tamalpa Work in various established settings such as hospitals, mental health agencies, hospices and arts organizations. Public Presentations may include classes, workshops, lectures, or private sessions. Students have up to two years after graduation to complete the Community Work requirements.

5. Individual Expressive Arts Therapy: These sessions take place in the group environment and are designed to provide students with a model of working one-on-one with clients using Tamalpa tools.

6. Personal Therapy: Level 2 students are required to undergo their own personal therapy concurrent with the Level 2 studies. A total of 48 hours of therapy are required to be certified which may include up to 30 hours of previous work with a therapist in the past 3 years.

7. Documentation: Students are required to keep a documentation of their studies in the form of three different components: 1) Personal Process Journal 2) Objective and Theoretical Journal 3) Assigned Papers. Students have up to two years from graduation to complete written requirements.

8. Reading Assignments: A required and suggested reading list is available to students in the beginning of the program.
Click here to view the Level 2 Reading List.

9. Tamalpa Institute Graduate Association: Level 2 students are required to join TIGA, Tamalpa Institute Graduate Association, whose home-base is an series of on-line studios. Through TIGA, graduates from all over the world dialogue, share resources, announce upcoming events and more. The cost of a life-time membership is $100.

10. Graduation Ceremony: Students create a collective graduation ceremony, which is performed on the graduation date at our studio facility in the presence of teachers, friends and family.

The L 2 training is followed by the L 3 Fieldwork Supervision on-line course that can be taken internationally any year.  The L 3 course prepares students for Certification as a Tamalpa Practitioner/Teacher and registration as a somatic movement therapist/educator and/or registered expressive arts therapist.