Tamalpa - L3 Training

Level 3 Training: Fieldwork Supervision (International Online Course)



Level 3 is an online fieldwork supervision course that offers professional mentoring and peer support. Graduates of our Level 2 training are welcome to apply at anytime during the year.  Students have one year from their date of enrolment to complete their Level 3 training program requirements.

The Level 3 Fieldwork Course supports students to design, develop, enact, perform, and document a Fieldwork Project. After group-oriented training in Level 1 & Level 2, Level 3 students have an opportunity for one-on-one individualised mentorship and supervision. In Level 3, students will focus on developing their Fieldwork Project Proposal, which is submitted during the application process. The Fieldwork Project consists of learning how to adapt, apply, and take the Tamalpa Life/Art Process® into vulnerable or disadvantaged communities or other settings where the student feels called to offer this work.

By developing your proposal, you become skilled in identifying an area of special interest, learning how to undertake research, building your literacy in related fields, and cultivating your expertise in relationship to a specific topic, population, challenges and intentions. The mentorship/independent learning structure of Level 3 allows you to work at your own pace, take breaks as life demands it, pause to do research, and then bring new material back into supervision. It supports you to develop the self-motivated discipline one needs for career development and professional growth. You have creative freedom to compose your final documentary of your teaching project in any way you are inspired to, using multiple art mediums in addition to written documentation.

The training is offered in English, French and German.



  1. Graduate of Tamalpa Institute’s Level 1 and Level 2 Training Program
  2. A completed Online Application Form
  3. Complete Fieldwork Project Proposal – A 2-3 page paper detailing the proposed project the student intends to complete in a specific community setting.
  4. E-mail your application materials to our office.
  5. $150 application fee.

Application Form


Applications are accepted throughout the year.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for your application to be processed.

Tuition Balance Due within 30 days of acceptance into the program.

Admissions info available on Tamalpa Institute website at: https://www.tamalpa.org/professional-training/tamalpa-admissions/