Our Tools

The Body

We live in and through our bodies. The body contains and reveals our entire life experience. It is through the body that our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels become connected. It is through the body that we can come to know ourselves and the world. Expression, healing, change, transformation are acts of embodiment. What wisdom do our bodies hold?


Is the body's primary language. It is in movement that we express our personality, our conditioning and can discover new resources. Movement channels feeling and evokes feeling. Movement takes us inward to our interior experiences and outward to express our experiences in space and with others. As our movement repertoire enlarges, so does our emotional and imaginal repertoire. All of life is movement, everything in our universe moves. Everyone moves, If we say that all movement is like a dance and that everyone is a dancer, what are the dances that our souls call for?


Giving voice to our experience, creating the sounds to accompany our dances, the sound of an image or feeling, the voice of the group in harmony and disharmony. If our body could speak what would it say, if our drawings inspired songs what would we sing?


Challenges us to grapple with and shape our images. Drawings hold the memory of movements and feelings after they have vanished from time and space. Drawings are gifts from our imagination. What are the colors, shapes, textures and symbols of our imagination? What will be drawn out?


Finding the words, speaking them, writing them, and bringing aesthetics back into our language. As we find and shape our words, we become storytellers and poets of our individual and collective stories. What to say, how to say it, what narratives do we create?


Learning to play, seriously, intensely, spontaneously, taking risks, experimenting, committing to what's happening, being fully in the moment, letting go of judgements and attachment to an outcome. We stay open, willing to be surprised, nothing is a mistake, everything becomes workable and we work creatively with whatever comes up. Spontaneous, unknown play, what will happen?


Is a metaphor for coming forward, coming out, being seen, communicating with others with all of our senses. We meet stage fright and excitement, our inhibitions and breakthroughs, meeting the eyes of the world, connecting the personal story with the collective story. Can we stay present and authentic? How are the witnesses moved?


What is my art telling me? What does your art evoke in me? How is it connected to my life? What am I learning? What would I like to do differently? What's in the way? What are the available resources? How can I, and how can we live artfully in our relations and in our communities?