Tamalpa - Training Dates

Training Programme Dates

We offer the Level 1 training programme in the UK, along with a variety of workshop and class formats to respond to the varied needs and interests of those wanting to explore our work.

Workshops for the general public are offered each season, in Tamalpa Experience Weekends and in a series of Summer Workshops.

Tamalpa Training Programs are offered in the autumn of each year.  Next training programme starts April 12th 2018.

Level 1 Training Programme – Weekend Format

The year-long weekend training format begins in the spring of each year. Payment plans are available to support students with tuition fees. 

Participants meet for 3-day weekends(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and for 4-day intensives (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday). The training closes with a 2-day weekend (Saturday, Sunday). Most training days are 9.30 AM to 4.30PM. Some Thursdays begin at 1:00PM and end at 5:00PM.

Between each weekend session students are given extensive “home play” so that students can practice integrating the work into their daily lives. Exercises in the form of journal writing, drawings and short movement practices are utilized to both assimilate the material explored during each weekend and prepare for the following one.

Level 1 – Weekend Training Programme

 Total Hours:  300 hours (235 contact/studio hours + 66 home-based study hours)
 Tuition:  £3,650 (£300 off if you register & pay £500 deposit before November 24th 2017)
 Registration:  £500 deposit due by February 1st 2018
 Application Deadline: February 19th, 2018
 Tuition balance:  £3150 due by March 5th, 2018  (Monthly payment plans also available)



Level 1 – Weekend Training Programme

 2018  2019
 April 12 – 15  January 10 – 13
 May 10 – 13  February 7 – 10
 June 8 – 10  March 9 – 10
 July 6 – 8
 August 9 – 12
 September 7 – 9
 October 12 – 14
 November 9 – 11
 December 7 – 9

Level 2 Training Programme dates

Level 2 Training Programme dates and registration please go direct to Tamalpa Institute site www.tamalpa.org

Please note for the European branches they offer an advanced summer programme of five weeks intensive from July to August each year for UK students.  Please contact us at Tamalpa UK for further info.

Summer Programmes 2018

Summer Programs 27th – 29th July 2018 at the Chichester Memorial Hall Sandgate, Kent click here for further details. 

Tamalpa Experience Workshop Dates

Workshop Schedules for Tamalpa Experience & Meet the Work

Next Tamalpa Experience will on the 17th & 18th February 2018 and 29th & 30th September 2018, please contact office for further details info@tamalpa-uk.org