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TRANSFORMARTE 1st INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR 14th – 18th September 2017 Castelo de Vide, Portugal

Tamalpa UK has been invited to present the Tamalpa Life Art Process and Anna Halprin’s The Planetary Dance along side 3 other innovative arts providers across Europe.

From Portugal: The organisation coordinator and visionary The Descalcas a non Profit Cultural cooperative founded by 5 women in Azores to develop Social corporation and solidarity through the arts. https://www.facebook.com/Descal%C3%A7as-cooperativa-cultural-155165821192254/

From Hungary: Elmenyakademia founded in 2005 by 12 volunteers passionate about utilising Non formal education to inspire, empower and support youths and adults. see http://elmenyakademia.hu/home/

From Italy: Accociazone La Citta del Sole: A non Profit founded in 1990 to support and develop the work of Metodo Integrato Marchio-Patti developing the arts in both a Cultural and Psychological framework specialising in working with Dyslexia, bullying, juvenile support, Supervision for educators, teachers and rehabilitation. see: http://www.cittadelsolenoprofit.it/

From the UK: Tamalpa UK founded in 2012 by Lian Willson and co directed by Audicia Lynne Morley. Tamalpa Uk is a branch of the Tamalpa Institute USA founded by Anna Halprin and Daria Halprin whom developed the pioneering multi modal, movement based expressive arts modality The Tamalpa Life Art Process www.tamalpa-uk.org. utilising the movement based expressive arts to transform, inspire, heal and re awaken the potential for embodied and creative approaches to life.

You are welcome to join us this September at the the first International Seminar Transform-Arte A Seminar of Art Expression for Self Development “TRANSFORMARTE”, “TRANSFORM-ARTE”, a portuguese word that means Transforming you, transforming you through art

Venue: The seminar will take place in the beautiful fairy tale village of Castelo de Vide, Portugal – The home of Descalças – cultural cooperative – the coordinator. organization

The seminar is part of Erasmus Plus T-ART project which has as its goal to enlarge the European network of arts educators and improve the performance of adult educators that use art expression as a tool for self development towards community well being.

Here is the link to the 6 min youtube animated video that explains the TART project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8adLWHVW8c

The website offers further information and is where you can also share your methodology of art expression for self development: https://tartadulteducation.wixsite.com/tart

FB page of the project where events are announced and all project activities are reported with photos:  https://www.facebook.com/TART-Targeting-ART%C3%ADstic-Forms-of-Expression-in- Adult-Education-756218764556552/

Here is the link to the T-ART BLOG where you can comment and make observations creating dialogue among educators during T-ART: https://tartblogsite.wordpress.com

The Seminar: In the seminar programme there will be:experiential workshops, inspirational speakers, talk’s with experts, round tables, exchange of good practices, ethnographic study visit guided, Anna Halprin’s Planetary Dance and other community interaction activities. There will also be Open Space to enable development of new projects and much more. The seminar activities all fall under Non formal Education perspectives, values and practices.

The Seminar is also supported by the international T-ART community of participants previously bonded through art, nature, care, time and freedom in the TC Roots & Wings,that took place in Hungary in May 2017 part of the project T-ART.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Contact the project organiser Susana at – descalcasinternacional@gmail.com for booking, accomadation and transportation information.

Cost 100€ – with 2 main meals daily

75€ for helpers with 2 daily meals – exchange of 2-3 hours daily on event organization

Details of accomadation as part of the seminar

MORE: link to the TransformARTE Seminar CALL and TransformARTE – seminar application Form