Tuition & Fees

Level 1 Personal Embodiment Weekend Training Programme:

£700 deposit to register (£150 is a Non-refundable application fee)

£4,900 Tuition*: Includes £700 registration fee, A copy of Anna Halprin’s book: Movement Ritual*.  * (Please note that this is a copy of Anna Halprin’s Movement ritual book, as original is no longer in print.)


Pay Tuition in full by 18th September 2020 and receive early bird discount of £450 = Tuition fee £4150

Pay Tuition in full by 11th October 2020 and receive a discount of £150 = Tuition fee £4450

Payment plans & work study positions are available for the weekend format, please contact office for further information.

(Please note there is an additional £154 fee for payment plans)


Students will be required to purchase the following in time ahead of the training programme:

  • Box of 24 oil pastels
  • A2 Art pad, cartridge paper
  • Daria Halprin’s book: The Expressive Body in Life, Art and Therapy; required reading prior to training.

Available online at Amazon as both physical and Kindle formats.


Level 2 Embodied Leadership (European format)
Full Tuition $6,000 Tuition: includes $500 registration fee ($250 non refundable) & $100 Tamalpa International Graduate Association (TIGA) lifetime membership 
$150 Books/required reading.
Level 3 Fieldwork Supervision (International – online)
Online course
$1600 Tuition: includes non refundable $150 registration fee
$100 Tamalpa International Graduate Association (TIGA) lifetime membership (this fee does not apply to TIGA members)