Level 1 ONLINE Training: Personal Embodiment

Please note due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Level 1 training – personal embodiment of the Tamalpa Life Art process will be held online for 2021.

“…….having initially attended for personal growth, the training helped me make a very big, and much desired, change in my profession, and continues to be the source from which I draw the strength to live my life in a heartfelt, meaningful and creative way ” Tamalpa graduate

In the Level I, Personal Embodiment Training, participants are given the opportunity, and the challenge, to explore their personal material within a disciplined structure using the Tamalpa work.  Working with intermodal art mediums – shifting between movement, somatic practice, drawing, vocalizing, written and spoken dialogues – we work with and reflect on our history, who we are now and the changes that we would like to embody in order to live more artfully in all aspects of our lives.

Using artistic and therapeutic principles, participants uncover and explore a “body mythology” which connects to the compelling events, issues and questions in their lives. We explore each body part, identifying the literal and metaphoric connections between body, life themes and personal stories. In this way the body is explored on the physical, emotional and mental/imaginal levels and is understood as the template for our entire life experience.

Each art medium, as well as each part of the body, acts as a mirror reflecting aspects of self, our relations with others and the world. The training group also acts as a mirror. Through group creativity and learning, we develop the skills and sensitivity, which allows the collective environment to serve its members as a place in which transformational work can take place. The processes that unfold within the group environment reflect the nature of interpersonal relationships, family stories, and community issues. It also motivates its members to cultivate collaboration, collective creativity, skilful communication, and the value of differences and diversity within a supportive setting.

Following an opening weekend of introductions to the practice, each weekend a different body part inspires individual and group themes, art explorations, body awareness exercises, movement studies, partner and group interactions.

During the last couple of weekends of the training a final, life-sized self portrait drawing is created and explored. In culmination, ritual-performances are enacted with the group and teachers witnessing. The self portrait ritual symbolizes the re-integration of all the different parts of self and one’s story with renewed insight, vitality and visions for change.

During final weekend of training we enter into acts of completion and transition to facilitate the shift from studio and training community life to daily life at home.




Will the whole level 1 training be facilitated ONLINE or will there be any in person classes?

All classes will be facilitated ONLINE For the level 1 training programme starting 7th January 2021 through to 17th October 2021.

Depending on social distances requirements during the  Winter/ Spring/Summer 2021 and if safe to do so, Tamalpa UK may run some in person public Tamalpa Experience workshops.  As a bonus (not a requirement) Level 1 students will be permitted to attend the public Tamalpa Experience workshops during term time for free.


How much time will be spent looking at my computer or lap top screen in online sessions?

All class time is facilitated and guided.  We anticipate the minimum of 1.5 – 2.5 hours a day, where students will be required to look into their computers or laptops.  The majority of the activities will be guided and facilitated expressive art scores, where students will be moving, dancing, drawing and writing away from their screens.  Break out sessions for smaller groups, partnering and triad sharing will also be incorporated into the day.


What is the amount of class time in relation to breaks?

There is a morning session from 10am – 1.30pm and an afternoon session from 2.45pm – 5.30pm.  There is a 30min break in the morning, an hour & 15mins for lunch and approximately a 15min break in the afternoons.


Why do I need to attend the minimum of 2 hours of therapy or counselling a month?

 The Level 1 Personal Embodiment training programme is not a group therapy programme.  It is a movement based expressive arts training that delves into and taps into student’s personal mythology.  Whilst the training introduces and actively gives Tamalpa Life Art Process tools to explore and embody.  Some student’s personal material requires extra support than the three days online training.   We have made it a requirement for all of our Online Level 1 students for 2020/2021 to have a minimum of 2 hours therapeutic support each month to support them as they continue their Level 1 Personal Embodiment online studies.


What if my internet connection is not that strong?

All of our training will be on line and it is a requirement that each student has a strong and reliable internet source for the training sessions.  Weaker internet signals can be frustrating for the student when they keep dropping out of the online sessions, or sound and voice is incoherent.  It can also be distracting for other students in the group.  We advise all student to check WIFI for their area and increase their bandwidth with their internet provider if needed.


How much space will I need at home to do the training?

We are a movement based expressive arts training and all students will be required to move and dance.  Please ensure you have enough space to roll across your floor at least twice.  That you have a space to move in that does not have too much furniture that you could injure yourself on.  If you have a carpet, please ensure you have a yoga mat or larger Pilates mat to do floor-based work on.


 I feel I am no good at drawing or I have not movement or dance experience will that be an issue?

 Our training programme draws a diverse range of students ranging from 25 -70+.   Each student often comes into the training programme feeling more confident in one of the art mediums and less so in some of the others. No prior experience in dance or art is required.  We do not require our students to have any previous experience in the art modalities we work with, however as this is a movement based expressive arts programme it is a fundamental aspect of the work that we explore through the creative mediums of Movement, Mark making/ drawing, writing and dialogue. Whilst students may be more comfortable or familiar with some mediums than others we invite an open curiosity to explore each creative modality.

We have students from all back grounds, writers, dances, artists, therapists, photographers, counsellors, fireman, Dr’s, designers, mothers, pharmacists, body-based practitioners, environmentalists, film makers. The training programme is designed to meet each individual where ever they are in their movement and creativity ability.  The training supports each student to continue to develop their own skills and embodiment of the Tamalpa Life Art Process.


Are there any scholarships or funding to support tuition fees?

We have one scholarship available called the Ale Moraś Scholarship.  Depending on funds available each year it is awarded to one student who has experienced a Tamalpa Experience workshop before and feels called to do the training, who also finds themselves in financial hardship and without the scholarship would not be able to attend the training.

We have two work study exchange positions available.  There is a small reduction in fee of £650 in exchange for online project work to support Tamalpa UK, plus skills exchange.

We have an early bird reduction of £450 for students who sign up to register and pay their £700 deposit & full tuition by 18th September 2020.

We also offer payment plans for students to spread their payments out from January to October 2021. Please note an additional charge of £154 will be applied to for payment plans.