Level 1 Training Programme – Weekend Format

The 10 month long (11 weekends) training format begins in January 2021. Payment plans are available to support students with tuition fees. 

Participants meet for nine 3-day weekends(Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and for two 4-day intensives (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  All training  days are 10 AM to 5.30PM.  With the exception of Thursday 7th January, class starts at 1pm.  (Please note the training meets for two weekends in September 2021)

Between each weekend session students are given creative “home study” so that students can practice integrating the work into their daily lives. Exercises in the form of journal writing, drawings and short movement practices are utilized to both assimilate the material explored during each weekend and prepare for the following one.

Level 1 – Weekend Online Training Programme

 Total Hours:  300 hours (234 facilitated online hours + 66 home-based study hours)
 Tuition:  £4,150 early bird price extended – register & pay £700 deposit + remaining tuition before 18th September 2020)


£4,450 tuition price from 19th September 2020

£4,600 tuition price from 12th October 2020


 £700 deposit paid to Tamalpa UK, plus online registration form must be completed before application can be reviewed. 

(Please note there is a £150 non refundable administration fee)

 Application Deadline:  Extended until 14th December 2020
 Tuition balance:

Remaining tuition to be paid by 4th December Monthly payment plans & work study positions also available, please contact office. 

Please note extra charge of £154 is applied to tuition plan for monthly payment plans


Level 1 – Weekend Training Programme

   January 7 – 10         (Spine weekend)
   February 12 – 14     (Head weekend)
   March 12 – 14          (Shoulders, Arms & Hands weekend)
   April 9 – 11               (Rib case weekend)
   May 7 – 9                   (Pelvis weekend)
   June 11 – 13              (Legs & Feet weekend)
   July 9 – 11                  (Abdomen weekend)           
   August 6 – 8              (Self Portrait Explorations)

 September 3 – 5        (Self Portrait Coaching)

 Sept 30 – 3 October   (Self Portrait Performance Rituals)

 October 16 – 17          (Closing Weekend)