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Remembering Your Body Wednesday Tamalpa Class with Lian Wilson, RSMT / RSME

Tamalpa UK Lockdown series. A weekly Tamalpa class to reconnect with your body: unwind – recharge – revive and uplift your get up and go!

Every Wednesday morning 11.00am – 12.15pm (GMT) from 3rd March to 24th March 2021, Tamalpa UK will be offering a mid week Tamalpa class for anyone stuck at home wanting to look after their own physical, emotional and mental health in an embodied and creative way.

  • Take time to unwind a busy mind
  • Soften into any tense places in your body
  • Warm up stiff and aching joints
  • Channel emotions through movement, drawing & creative writing
  • Revive & connect to positive life energy through breath, somatic movement and creative natural movement and dance
  • Release stress through guided movement explorations

No movement, dance or art experience is required. This simple Tamalpa class is open to all and is being offered to support participants to unwind and recharge themselves midweek. Whether it is breaking up a busy work schedule, supporting connection during a time of isolation or taking time out to try something new.

What you will need

  • A room with space to move in safely in. (i.e can you lie on the floor and roll over at least once with out knocking into furniture? )
  • Oil pastels/ coloured pencils or pens
  • A2 Paper or A3 preferred, however standard A4 is also workable
  • A note book/journal and pen
  • Comfortable clothes to move in

The weekly Wednesday class can be a drop in class, or a series of 4 classes all together.